Once our website is fully operational, an infinite number of strategies can be developed to elevate it in the positions of search engines, directories and all types of databases, but the fastest and most effective way to reach our clients is through Adwords campaigns.

Google To Offer Advertising

One of the most important strategies is the use of Adwords or SEM campaigns, a service offered by the giant Google to provide advertising to reach potential customers through the positioning of ads on the best sites in the search engine.

From Marshmallow Collective we manage this tool with a demonstrable experience that supports us. Beyond that, we are one of the most valued companies in the sector that have Google AdWords certification, so we are a Google Partner, which indicates that we are experts in getting the best results from our customers’ advertising.

Meaningful advertising

Google’s global leadership turns its tools into indispensable tools if we want to become the most notable on the Internet. The effectiveness of Google Adwords has no doubt and its performance is exponentially significant for all companies, brands or businesses that implement it, taking advantage of all the advantages provided by the service.

Marshmallow Collective with highly qualified staff to achieve the success of advertising campaigns of our customers, analyzing each company or business to create, define and designing the plan that best suits each of them, optimizing tactics and polishing all the details of the proposals to achieve optimal results.

As a Google Partner, we offer the various services encompassed in Adwords, from search advertising (advice and creation of ads for Google, keyword search for each website and optimization of the site, budget planning you want to allocate to advertising to get the best option, …), advertising for mobile (in the form of text ads, images and / or videos), video advertising, ads and display advertising or advertising in shopping (ads with detailed advertising of products or services such as images, prices, location, …).

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