Cloud computing

Cloud computing

In a world where it is essential to be on the Internet, it is important to have knowledge of the possibilities and services offered to ensure that our website is safe and works properly.

At Marshmallow Collective we have specific Cloud Computing services, that is to say, cloud computing or the methodology of contracting specific IT services, ensuring a hosting solution that integrates all types of cloud alternatives, shared or dedicated hosting and the most appropriate resources for each particular project.

All Cloud Solutions

Our department of Marshmallow Collective offers an integral service that starts from the analysis of the possibilities of each client to carry out a project that supposes multiple advantages from the saving in the costs and the licenses, an optimal availability, the suitable speed, the flexibility and the facility of the web and its security.

We supply our clients’ websites with the best solutions under the highest security standards and offer the storage and cloud connectivity services that our clients need for their specific applications, including specialised advice on virtualisation and online systems and the offer of cloud computing solutions managed according to their public, private, dedicated or shared or hybrid typologies, in addition to network cloud solutions for the interconnection of specific environments.

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