Display campaigns

Our experience in the field of communication on the Internet is remarkable and this is guaranteed by the satisfaction of our customers. We are experts in the development of display campaigns by virtue of our knowledge in the field of advertising on the Internet, so attentive to new market trends, we work with the necessary agility and speed.

We create and design campaigns from tactics and strategies that allow us to reach high levels of impact and repercussion to guide and position the business and professional activities of individuals, companies or entities, generating the desired traffic and reaching a greater number of potential customers.


Conventional formats and enriched formats

Because it is no longer valid with a traditional campaign, we make it easier for companies to create outstanding campaigns that combine resources and creative tools that generate focal points of attraction for users to achieve an increase in sales and conversions. We develop display campaigns (graphic advertising ads) of traditional formats such as banners, superbanners, page stealers, buttons, etc. and of less conventional enriched formats that allow a greater interactivity multiplying the results through more dynamic ads in which animation or video are used, as well as pop-ups, games or surveys. With this we manage to generate dynamic creative campaigns that combine advanced tactics to obtain the conversions demanded and make businesses grow.

The key objectives of display campaigns are to achieve notoriety, visibility, good positioning and achieve a real impact that translates into an intelligent audience and end users. In Marshmallow Collective we know how to do it, so we work hand in hand with our customers to meet their needs and achieve their goals as entrepreneurs or professionals.