One of the most requested services of Marshmallow Collective is the management of electronic commerce or so-called eCommerce.

Being visible on the net is not enough if we are talking about an online sales business, so it is advisable to have a more complex platform that allows all kinds of procedures to streamline the sales process so that the end customer or user can enjoy their purchase without worries.

Our experts at Marshmallow Collective are familiar with all types of web projects and portals of such magnitude so they not only advise and analyze the best methods to implement online commerce, but also manage everything related to virtual stores. The fact that for an average user is a laborious process that can be extended a lot in time without getting what we expected makes it easy to have our business with us on the network. We care about attending any type of business and adapt to the exact situation of each individual, company or organization that wants to put on sale and available to users their products or services on the Internet.

The virtual shop and the online business

Starting from a thorough research and analysis of the sector through the online marketplace, we create, design and promote online stores and advise companies to make their idea a profitable project fully customized with the most advanced technology and a design that attracts as many users as possible for our customers to obtain broad results. We make the best solutions effective with the most innovative resources of online commerce.

Our mission is to get traffic and conversions for the eCommerce platforms created, so there is never a lack of a series of components that should have every website dedicated to the sale. In addition to this, our experience allows us to present the optimal design for each particular project. In this way, we attend to the essential elements and sections from which the specific sections of each business are generated, such as information about the product and its classes (grouped, special, outstanding, unique, offers or discounts, promotions, etc.).), its graphic and documentary support (whether photographs, videos or any other type of digital image), the dynamic interaction of content and users, the identification of the people behind the store to gain the trust of users, personalized attention to customers and end users, general information and frequently asked questions that users may face, applications for easy purchase processes, user records to have their personal accounts, … and all this, under a structure of simple and fast use that facilitates any kind of transaction to the end user.

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