E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing

One of the most important tools of digital marketing.

Email Marketing is a technique in which email is used to attract potential customers.

Among the communication strategies on the Internet, it is necessary to point out one of the most effective and profitable when carrying out our online campaigns. We are talking about e-mail marketing, a low-cost tactic that allows direct contact with customers and the recognition of the identity of our company, our brand with the consequent positioning as a key reference in the professional or business sector.

Email Marketing Strategies and Campaigns

In our Marshmallow Collective we have a number of professionals in this field to advise and manage the actions that our customers require at the time of launching an effective campaign that maximizes results in conversions or sales. We create and design campaigns through a detailed study of each particular case to obtain the best performance promoting our website and, therefore, our business.

The ideal way to successfully carry out an e-mail marketing action is the creation of campaigns that reach a large number of people in a personalized way following parameters that meet the idea of satisfying the needs and providing the necessary information that each client has in particular without having to resort to mass mailing

Our results are significant in this respect, generating added value and positive recognition of our customers’ businesses by building loyalty and an increase in natural traffic on their platforms and in conversions or sales. But beyond that, we monitor other services applicable within the same strategy such as the adaptation of websites, creation of specific models for different types of campaigns and adapted to mail platforms, inclusion of e-mail marketing in the management of social networks, as well as related studies and reports of results and individualized and unique advice so that our customers can face their own activity with good results.

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