How to do local SEO in WordPress? – Complete Guide

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How to do local SEO in WordPress? – Complete Guide

local seo in wordpress

Are you wondering how to do local SEO in WordPress? Without a doubt, local SEO strategies are increasingly used by small and medium-sized businesses that want to focus their business on a particular location.

In this post we want to focus on local SEO for WordPress, one of the most used CMS thanks to its simplicity and the advantages it offers for web positioning.

What is local SEO?

When we talk about doing local SEO we are referring to optimizing our website to favor that in the Google SERP our business appears in the geolocalized searches of users.

Perhaps some people think that, in a competitive market, a small local business has little to do with a chain of department stores. And yes, let’s not kid ourselves it’s hard. But if you think about it, you have something they don’t: a greater proximity to the users living in a specific area.

Therefore, what at first glance may seem a weakness, if we focus well on ways to make SEO local in WordPress we can get to focus our business in Singapore to give us facilities when the user searches in that place.

He thinks that when we look for a product or service we look for it in some concrete place, since it would be useless to find a lawyer in Thailand if we are from Singapore.

For this reason, learning to go local with WordPress is becoming increasingly important and helps to give small businesses a chance against their giant competitors.

In this way, the user will find information that is of interest to him and that possibly covers his needs, something that Google values and therefore is the key to the success of any business.

Different ways to do local SEO

When we talk about doing local SEO in WordPress, we also have to take into account various aspects that are outside the CMS.

Therefore, we can say that there are two phases when making local SEO in WordPress:

  1. Focusing our content on local searches: in order to do so, we must set out our strategy and our keyword research so that it works within a specific territory.
  2. Having results on Google Maps: to do so, it is essential to have the Google My Business tab optimized.
ways to do local seo singapore

5 Tips for Local SEO in WordPress

Now that we have seen the importance of doing local SEO in WordPress, it is time to reveal the tricks of local SEO that any strategy should raise when working with this CMS.

Optimize the Google My Business

Although this part is not included in doing local SEO in WordPress, the truth is that this point is essential if you want to position your business in a particular area.

For your Google My Bussines to be perfect and include your business within their maps you should follow the guidelines below.

  • Your business keyword should be included in the title
  • Include your keyword and its derivatives within the description of the file. Do not abuse the same word, try to use different synonyms that provide semantics and avoid us falling into Keyword Stuffing penalties.
  • Fill in all the complementary data of your file: URL, telephone, schedule or photos.
  • Enter keywords in the tags.
  • Use a short word in your file name to help you create a friendly URL and position your keyword.

Uses geolocalized images

It’s no secret that image optimization helps you position but do you know how to geolocate them?

The geolocation of images is nothing more than adding in each of them where the photograph has been taken. And, of course, this information can be changed and modified whenever you want.

The images must be geolocated to the address in the Google My Business.

To do this, it is good that we use this tool

Once passed by this tool we can use them in the file of Google My Bussines or in our web.

Take care of your data in the local directories

There are three pieces of information about your business that should always be the same: name, address and phone number.

In each of the local directories where your business is, you should take special care that this is the case, because in this way every time one of these data appears on the web, Google will identify it with your business, which is very positive for making a good local SEO.

Implement Business Location Scheme on your site

When we talk about doing local SEO in WordPress, one of the keys is to use specialized plugins to position our business in a certain area.

One of these is the WordPress WP Schema PRO Plugin, which allows you to implement Local Business Schema created by Google for local businesses with the Google my Business tab.

Remember that the data you enter in it must be the same as your file so that Google can establish a relationship between it and your website.

Reviews and more reviews

Reviews play a crucial role in making WordPress local. Think that one of the factors that can attract customers to your business is that it has positive recommendations about your business.

The best way to do this is to invite your customers to leave a positive review. But if you want to give your business a boost, you can also buy them or ask friends or family.

Do you find it easy to go local on WordPress? Well, it’s not that easy, so having professionals on board will always help you get the results you need.

Contact us and boost your business like it deserves.

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