How to positionate better on Google the contents about the coronavirus

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How to positionate better on Google the contents about the coronavirus

Positionate Coronavirus on Google

Health organizations and authorities are constantly publishing content about the coronavirus: advice on how to avoid infection, how to cope with confinement, etc. These contents also have to compete with many others that are nothing more than misinformation when it comes to better positioning in Google and getting to appear in the first search results.

Recently, Google offered advice to businesses so that their pages would not lose positions in the search engine during the COVID-19 crisis. Now, Google is launching to help health agencies and organizations that are investing efforts in providing information to fight the pandemic. In order for your content to gain visibility and reach, Google offers the following recommendations to improve SEO:

Check how they access the website: The first recommendation is that you test the search with the most common questions. If the page does not appear or appears in very low places, it is important that you follow these tips from Google to improve your SEO. You should also check that the page is accessible in both desktop and mobile browsers -Google’s algorithm gives more and more weight to this- and that there are no errors that lengthen loading times.

What is the position for the most popular queries: To find out where the content related to the most popular queries is positioned, access the “Search Console Performance Report” and define a 7-day filter to focus on the most relevant recent topics.

If the coronavirus is only a small part of the topics covered on the page, a URL filter should be added for this particular topic.

The table should then be sorted by printouts to identify the relevant queries, with high printouts but a low percentage of clicks (these pages should be corrected, to increase the CTR or “click-through rate”). Next, you should perform queries for high percentages of clicks with low rankings, since these are high-value pages, but Google can’t find them. In these cases, we recommend improving the titles and content.

Improve titles, tags and content: At this point, it is recommended to improve all content to better suit the queries made by users. If the content already exists but is not well-positioned, it is recommended to rewrite it to include user queries. Users will search for information about the COVID-19 using common language, without medical terminology.

Main queries: Another recommendation is to visit Google Trends and see which terms related to the coronavirus are the most searched these days. It is convenient to select the language and country from which the content is published to see the most relevant queries in context.

Structured data: We also recommend adding structured data in the form of FAQs, from which Google can extract and present the information in the search results. If implemented correctly, Google will display them in a special format so that the information stands out.

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