SEO tools to optimize the website’s position in search engines

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SEO tools to optimize the website’s position in search engines

5 best SEO tools

Visibility is one of the key points that make internet business work. Without it, your website would simply be something like a desert. There would be no visits and therefore no sales.

Therefore, when preparing our marketing plan, it is essential to talk about a good SEO strategy or, what is the same, a good positioning strategy in Google’s SERPs and other search engines.

It will help us to occupy relevant positions in the Google ranking, as well as to appear on the results page of our potential clients when they carry out a search related to the terms we are working on in the business (our potential keywords).

It sounds like a complicated job and, in fact, it is. Especially if you don’t have the right knowledge. The good news is that we have within our reach SEO tools that make it somewhat easier.

In this post, we will talk about them. Specifically, I’m going to show you five of my favourites. They’re the ones my team and I work with every day.

Essential SEO tools for your business

The range of SEO tools on the market is quite wide. There are some with more general functionalities, others are more specific, some are more complete, others more basic… But, in any case, they are of great help to achieve the desired positioning of our brand on the Internet.

Next, I will present you 5 SEO tools that are fundamental for any online business, or in the process of digital transformation, and that provide a wide variety of information, as well as being valuable for your strategy.

Google Analytics

This is the ultimate web analytics tool. It is a reference in the market, one of the most used to obtain information by users and, in addition, one of the most reliable. It is free and stands out for its great potential and usefulness.

Among its analytical functions you can find:

  • Metrics on user behaviour. For example, the number of visits to your website, the pages they visit, the time they spend on them, the bounce rate, the geographical location of the visits, the device used…
  • Percentages of each traffic source. Here we refer to the number of visits to your website through the different channels (social networks, Google searches, advertising, email, or directly).
  • Information on conversion. For example, additions to your subscription list, sales generated from a sales funnel, returns on investment…
  • Details about how users behave on your website. In other words, information about the pages where visits land, which ones are the most visited or have the highest abandonment rates.

Google Trends

This application is within the type of SEO tools that offer information about search terms, as well as topics that are of interest to the user according to different regions of the world.

It is also free and offers valuable information. In particular, the data that can be extracted from it is useful for:

  • Detect keywords to be included in an SEO strategy. And, thus, create content that helps us attract traffic to our website.
  • To know which topics are the most interesting to the public. To include them in the social media plan and increase brand engagement.
  • To get ideas to create new products or services. With the certainty that they will be demanded by the public.
  • To know the state of maturity of a market niche. And analyze if it is a good idea to bet on it or not.


This is a keyword search tool. It serves to adjust the SEO strategy and especially the content creation strategy.

In its free plan, you can access keyword suggestions, a daily ranking crawl and personalized SEO suggestions.

In his pro plan, which you can try for 7 days, you can enjoy an advanced ranking crawl, which includes:

  • A maximum of 500 keywords crawled.
  • Unlimited audits of your website.
  • Unlimited keyword research.
  • 100,000 keyword suggestions.
  • 10,000 content ideas.
  • Competitive analysis.
  • Backlink reports.

All these features serve, among other utilities, to:

  • Knowing the number of searches for each term of interest.
  • The level of difficulty to compete for a keyword.
  • The click rates of certain results.


This application is used within an SEO strategy for website analysis. It helps us to obtain information from the market and competitors.

It includes a search engine in which you can enter the URL of a website or an application and obtain data in a matter of seconds.

It has a free version that offers limited functionality and an enterprise version that you can use:

  • Discover new keywords. To improve your organic traffic and reach new potential customers.
  • Identify trends. And see how interest grows on different topics to focus on opportunities for your business.
  • Analyze your competition. To get information about the actions they are taking in the online environment.
  • To study the organic and paid traffic of any keyword. Even those categorized by Google as not provided.
  • To identify the reach of your website. And know what impact it has on the global market.


And finally, I want to talk to you about Buzzsumo, one of the SEO tools aimed at finding topics of interest in social networks and search engines.

It is one of the most complete software on the market. Among its functionalities, there are those oriented to planning, execution and analysis and monitoring of results and information. And it helps us in:

  • Detecting topics of interest. That allows us to increase interaction in social networks and blogs.
  • Data analysis. To be able to optimize strategies in search of better results.
  • Identify influential profiles in social networks. To be able to create powerful brand campaigns.
  • Monitoring of trends. To take advantage of new business opportunities.

With all of them, you can start creating your own SEO strategy. But first of all, clarify what your business goals are and align them with it.

Without this previous step, all the information you can extract with these applications, so the actions you develop would not have any meaningful impact on achieving results.

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