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Web Positioning

One of the most important tools of digital marketing.

And one of the most influential factors in this process are the users.

Search Engine Optimization, known by SEO (Search Engine Optimization), is the natural positioning of any site through a maximum process visibility in the results of multiple search engines or search engines.
And one of the most influential factors in this process is the users. Attention must be paid to the way in which they surf the Internet. They search for content according to their needs from the results that appear in search engines that have a perfectly structured organization of databases. But they usually only take the first results into account, so if they don’t find what they are looking for, they will immediately modify their search.

From web positioning (SEO) to success

From Marshmallow Collective we guarantee the first positions in the search engines amplifying the presence of the webs of our clients by means of the correct inclusion of the parameters and criteria indicated with which the algorithms of the search engines work. The best way to position a website is to do it from the beginning, that is, from the creation of it. However, our Digital Marketing department also provides the service retroactively, reformulating the structure of websites already launched. The main objective of optimization is to achieve successful conversions or sales, as well as get and retain customers.

Attending to the needs of our clients, we formulate an individualized and precise action protocol to achieve the expected results. First of all, we analyse the current state of the content of the web pages and their results in the search engines to advise them after a study of the competition depending on the sector of the company. The next step consists of debugging the code, content, design and programming, at the same time that we carry out a statistical control and we reformulate or create labels, metatags, … necessary for the proper functioning of the performance. Once this is done, we register the websites in the most important directories and we register them in the search engines to continue, finally, with the studies, analysis and detailed reports of the results obtained, maintaining a continuous optimization process.


How we work SEO!

At Marshmallow Collective, we work closely with our clients to shape their corporate ideas. From the preparation of a previous report of each particular situation and meeting to know first hand their needs, we gather all the information provided and use the necessary resources to get the best result.


One of the most important tools of digital marketing.


Paid search engine positioning, better known as SEM.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, a low-cost tactic that allows direct contact with customers.

Social Media

As a channel of communication, social media intensify our movements if they are well used.


We develop display campaigns (graphic advertising ads) of traditional formats such as banners, superbanners, page stealers, buttons, etc.

Google Adwords

A service offered by the giant Google to offer advertising.

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