Social Media Management

Social Media

As a channel of communication, social networks intensify our movements if they are well used.

¿Quién no está hoy en alguna de las redes sociales?

Who is not on Facebook today, who did not send a tweet of a trending topic, who did not upload a photo to Instagram or a product on Pinterest, who does not know what Google + is for, who did not attach his CV on LinkedIn, who never saw a video of youtube or became a follower of who is a fan?

They have long been a part not only of our lives, but also of our businesses and companies. Nowadays it is essential as a communication resource, but you have to know how to handle it. There are many social networks within our reach, both specific and general. However, it is necessary to have sufficient mastery to make them a useful resource to help us turn actions and interactions into excellent results depending on the strategy we carry out.

As a channel of communication, social media intensify our movements if they are well used. Their management involves a study and knowledge of each professional or commercial profile that allows a personalized use of them that also takes into account the different segments of target and / or potential audience.

From Marshmallow Collective we are able to manage the profiles of social networks of individuals, companies or organizations in any sector, emphasizing the identity of each client and its mission. For this reason, our management starts from the personalization of each one of them indispensable if we want to stand out in this unfathomable network that welcomes us today in its bosom. We manage and manage profiles in their entirety, we create and manage them, we tailor them to the identities and brands of our clients, we improve the ones already created and we assess their needs, we optimise them and we implement possible advertising campaigns for each social network such as: Facebook Ads or Twitter Ads.

Beyond their management, we advise and advise our clients in the choice of social networks most suitable for their companies, as not all work in the same way. In which social networks should our company have a presence and how to use them? We guarantee the success of our communication plans because we analyze the best probabilities for our clients, orienting them to their audiences and audiences in order to obtain a rewarding experience, as well as a totally personalized communication.


How we work the SEO!

At Marshmallow Collective, we work closely with our clients to shape their corporate ideas. From the preparation of a previous report of each particular situation and meeting to know first hand their needs, we gather all the information provided and use the necessary resources to get the best result.


One of the most important tools of digital marketing.


Paid search engine marketing, better known as SEM.

E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing, a low-cost tactic that allows direct contact with customers.

Social Media

As a channel of communication, social networks intensify our movements if they are well used.


We develop display campaigns (graphic advertising ads) of traditional formats such as banners, superbanners, page stealers, buttons, etc.


A service offered by the giant Google to offer advertising.

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